A co-op stealth rogue-lite about risk, trust, and sacrifice.

Signal Decay (formerly known as Squad Of Saviors) is a roguelike action game set in a future dystopia with unique cooperative stealth gameplay. As the only human beings to have escaped the global manipulation of mind-control technology, you are called upon by a mysterious computer to save the world.

Signal Decay is about player communication and coordination. It is where XCOM meets Monaco -- integrating the experience of coordinating XCOM operators with interactions of Monaco to form a new level of emergent problem-solving. Players infiltrate military bases with reactive defense systems. Each action has an instant effect and longer consequences, and a strategic decision is a balance of risk and benefit. Coordination is always the most important factor for a successful mission, and trust is the antidote to the ever-escalating pressure.


Cooperative Stealth

Hide your presence under the ever-increasing alarm levels. Collecting information, unlocking doors and finding the machine.

Unique Combat

Each enemy is tough. Moving tactically and using equipment to deal with different kinds of threats and save each other's back.

Global Strategy

Piloting an invisible airship to the next mission. Each city has an ever-increasing alarm level. Find you path to destroy all the machines in the cities before they are totally aware.

Weapon & Equipment

Each weapon has its own strength and weakness. Each type of equipment serves for a single purpose. A wise composition of weapons and equipment will make the mission much easier.

Resource Management

Collecting resource in missions for research of new upgrades and equipment. Bonus missions provide extra resource and technology boost.

Story Branches

The decisions in missions will lead the story to different endings.


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